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Andy Martin


I have seen your dinner show twice now and each time you get better and better. I always enjoy your blend of strong magic with entertaining and very convincing patter and routines. You perform the classics with style and always seem to add your own amusing slant to both your stage and close-up magic. I hope to be back next year with my family to see you and the beautiful Frannie amaze and entertain us yet again.

There is even a chance that if I keep coming to see your shows, I'll be forced to perform more magic myself!!!

Keep it up Doug, you are a true asset to the Magic community.

Jonathan Farmer

Doug, I thoroughly enjoyed the little presentation you did for my fellow classmates and I during our dinner last night. I think my friends got a real kick out of seeing my reaction to the lemons and limes. I love watching little demonstraions trying to figure them out. Sometimes I think I do. Though I probably really do not, it is a real pleasure to watch. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for the good entertainment. It is hard to come by these days.


Wow! What a great time we had at your last dinner show.
Can't wait to see you again.

Comment by admin
Thanks for your comments Lori - We have a new show lined up for this fall. Hope you can come.
Francois Danis

Hello Doug, I have discovered with a great pleasure your magic world, full of fantasy and imagination. Your are not just a performer, but also a great inventor, a craftsman of great talent, and also a good story teller. I remember the splendid patter you had created to go with the "Wandering Mummy" Maybe one day you should write a book with your patters ! I will be your first customer. Keep on the good work Doug, I can't wait to see your next creation !

Jessica and Joshua

Hello Doug! We are friends of Rich Boerckel and saw your table performance last month. You made our visit to the Spaghetti Warehouse so enjoyable! Good luck in your future endeavors. We hope to catch your show again next time we are in town. Thanks again for a "magical" dining experience!

John Michael

Great performances everyone loved how you conduct yourself as a person who wants to share a gift. From San antonio John Michael

Scott Northrup

Doug, I will try not to get real emotional with this message but thank you for the time you gave our church and the time you spent with our family. This was with out a doubt the best birthday I have ever had in my 49 years of life. Remember when you were little your mother and father would throw a big birthday party for you and have a clown or a magician or something like that. Well with out even realizing what I was doing I threw myself a birthday party with a world class Magician like your self and a world class card mechanic like Richard. It just dosen't get any better than that. From the bottom of my heart I thank God and richard and you for making my 49th birthday the best I have ever had. You are a WORLD CLASS Human being. With the spring Open House falling on my birthday every year I should have the greatest birthdays for many years to come. Your Friend in Christ, Scott

John O'Bryant

Hey Doug I just saw the dinner show last night and I thought it was great. Everytime I go there I have a good time eating and getting to watch awesome magic. Keep it up! Thanks, John O'Bryant

Bruce Samboy

I love your website, Doug, especially the choreography and great skill demonstrated by you and Michael Tallon in the Fecter's video. I agree wholeheatedly with what master magician Bill Malone stated above: that two man cups and ball routine is fantastic! After seeing you perform your impromptu close-up card magic for us at the Magic Castle last weekend I was simply blown away by your work. You are the consumate magician, Doug. While many people possess the skill to perfect sleights, few performers combine your presence, vocal inflection, physical skill, creativity and the obvious love of the art. You truly have "the look" that audiences and your peers in the magic community have come to expect in a magician. Bravo, my friend, and the best of luck!

Wes Roberts

Wow! Just when I think I have it all figured out, I end up baffled again. GREAT magic and I look forward to seeing more of it. I have so much fun watching your stuff and laughing in bewilderment that I'm 10 years old again. Looks like all that elite education and training is actually paying off:) Can you make a jet disappear?