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Hi.How are you doing?I liked your show that you put on last night for me,my friends,and family.


Hi Doug,

It was great seeing you at 4F this year -- I finally got to see yours and Michael's cups & balls routine. Excellent! -- You guys deserved that standing ovation at Fechter's.

BTW -- website looks great.

Take care and looking forward to seeing you at next year's 4F,

Vernon Almond

Hello Doug,
I really enjoyed "Uncorked" a beautiful effect! If you are ever in Wichita please let me know. Peace.

Richard K.

You are awsome!!!!!! Your show is great fun for a Date night.

Ed Solomon

Hey doug,
Great site.
I really enjoyed visiting and will be back often.

Richard Blake

I performed Leaders Royale Friday night for a group of PHD's and they thought it was fantastic! This trick is now a permanent part of my close-up routine.
Richard Blake

Ken Marsh

Thanks for an excellent performance of 'Uncorked' and 'Magic Chameleons' at The North-West Ring of Fire meeting on November 8th. You have an outstanding website, also your video of the 'Magic Chameleons' that I purchased, will help me with my practice of the effect before I begin to use it.
Ken Marsh, Redmond.

Jim Riser

It's good to see your new web site up and running. It looks great. Best of luck with the upcoming lecture tour in the Northwest. Try to keep you eye on the cork in "Uncorked" so you do not get confused!

BTW - nice videos!

Michael Tallon

Hey Doug,

The new web site looks GREAT! Congratulations!

Let's talk soon. I have some exciting news to share with you.



Wow - What a fabulous website Doug. I love your Video Performances!