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Doug it was great seeing you perform up close and personal at Majic Castle in LA. I appreciate you and Fran being so kind and showing us around. Your majic made memories for me in LA that are priceless! Hope to see you soon in San Antonio if I dont see you on TV first!


Wonderful site to a beautiful theme. I am a Swiss magician myself and enjoy good websites of fellow professionals.
Many greetings and good luck from Magic Dean!

Kaylie Clark

Dear Mr. Gorman,
I'm from the choir group that saw your show at the Spaghetti Warehouse last Friday. (The ones who sang happy birthday to our director spontaneously.) Well, I believe I told you I was making a Facebook Fan Page. So I did. =) Thank you for fully confusing me!

Love a fan,


Great site... excellent work! Regards from the whole running team!

Zauberer Thomas

nice website, well done.
Greeting from germany, and all the best
Zauberer + Ballonkünstler

Alex Bennett

Howdy Doug! Loved your lecture, and enjoyed the BBQ at your place last summer, I'm here on your site looking for info about your dinner show! If I get reservations, I plan to attend this Saturday; I'm sure it will be a phenomenal experience, filled with "feats of wonder." You take care


Hi you,

greetings from a magician from germany. I found your website and i find it very good. Look on my website Zauberer David

Hull Youngblood

You are such a gifted performer. I have now seen you do the Sympathetic 10 at least six or seven times. Every time, I am thrilled by your performance. Your focus, attention to detail, delivery, demeanor . . . things we should all emulate. This is not a typical "thank you" from the president of a magic club where you just performed. This is a heartfelt thank you from a devoted fan. And I count you among those precious few friends that life gives us. Thank you for continuously sharing your extraordinary gifts with me, and Austin.

John Mitchell

Hey I re-met you at the Sankey lecture. I love the new site, and the show at the Spaghetti Warehouse was awesome.

Don Sandros

Look forward to seeing your show at the Magic Castle in August...!!