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Wandura Magician

From the shadows of the mosque...Mystical greetings and goodwill. [email protected]

Bill Ryle

Just showed Debbie and her girls, some of your videos. They thought you were great. Especially after they had seen me doing some of your tricks.!!! I will have to practice a tad more

Bill Ryle

Absolutely great Doug - You are certainly the professional's Professional


Hi fellow magician... Nice Beard and mustache:). Hope to see you live someday!
Your collegue from Switzerland

Sebastian Ramirez

Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate some of the skills needed to perform Magic in public, our son enjoyed your presentation and looks forward to seeing you again soon.

Sebastians Proud Parents, Ana and Randy


Our family loved your 100th dinner show. Thank you for such a wonderful evening. We have been to several of your shows and you never fail to entertain. We look forward to many more!

John Diggins

Doug, a pleasure meeting you at the last Ring 18 gathering. Your site, your magic, your presentations all OUTSTANDING!




Doug it was great seeing you perform up close and personal at Majic Castle in LA. I appreciate you and Fran being so kind and showing us around. Your majic made memories for me in LA that are priceless! Hope to see you soon in San Antonio if I dont see you on TV first!


Wonderful site to a beautiful theme. I am a Swiss magician myself and enjoy good websites of fellow professionals.
Many greetings and good luck from Magic Dean!

Kaylie Clark

Dear Mr. Gorman,
I'm from the choir group that saw your show at the Spaghetti Warehouse last Friday. (The ones who sang happy birthday to our director spontaneously.) Well, I believe I told you I was making a Facebook Fan Page. So I did. =) Thank you for fully confusing me!

Love a fan,